My service is similar to that of a plumber or an electrician who you invite into your home. You trust them to do their job and respect your property along the way. And you can insure they are doing this to a degree by keeping a watchful eye on them as they work. In my case you are inviting a data recovery consultant to connect to your computer remotely but as I work to recover your data you won’t really see what I’m doing other than some flickering LEDs. So you need to place a level of trust in me. Trusting that I’ll do my job and no more.
It’s difficult to establish trust over the Internet. There are many clever scammers out there. To help establish my credibility I ask you to take a look at my LinkedIn profile and then review the comments of clients who have used my service in the past. And then if you are still unsure by all means give me a call and let me “interview” for the job. Hopefully I can earn your trust.

And if you’re still not ready to take that leap of faith I offer a do-it-yourself “coaching” service where I guide you through the process of recovering your data all by yourself. The coaching is all performed via a chat session. So it’s totally 100% secure since I have no access at all to your system.

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