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If your NAS storage server or other RAID data storage device has crashed and you are seeking data recovery services then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Stephen Haran and I specialize in on-line NAS / RAID data recovery. Western Digital ShareSpace NAS boxes seem to be the most common recovery I perform these days and is the major reason clients from around the world find my site when searching for ShareSpace data recovery.  But I also recover data from Buffalo Terastation, Seagate BlackArmor, Netgear Readynas, Lacie, Iomega, Synology, Thecus etc, basically any NAS or RAID device is a good candidate for on-line data recovery.

So if you need help I invite you to contact me by phone, email, or on-line chat to discuss your case and if it’s an urgent matter we can begin working to recover your data right away. And because I operate remotely there is no need to pack and ship out your NAS hard drives, so it’s possible to recover your data quickly sometimes in less than one day.

The ShareSpace, to give an example, is a four drive NAS box provisioned with either 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB of storage space. And internally a RAID5 DataVolume is created to hold user data. This configuration is typical of other vendors as well.  And these NAS devices all work well until one day they don’t.  With the ShareSpace typically you see the dreaded, “Volume ‘DataVolume’ doesn’t exist” error. Although there are other failure scenarios and error messages depending on the vendor.

Fortunately recovery is often possible in these cases. If you browse through my client comments page you will see that I have successfully performed remote data recovery operations on NAS boxes for clients located throughout the world.

When you consider the high cost of any RAID or NAS recovery the remote recovery service I offer represents a significant value to my clients. Ask for a price quote from another data recovery service provider and you will see what I mean. Plus since all work is performed remotely over a secure Internet connection my service is much much faster.

So if your ShareSpace or any other RAID or NAS storage device has crashed or is otherwise inoperable I’m here to help and I invite you to contact me by phone: 617 506 9392, email: Stephen@FreeDataRecovery.us, or on-line chat.

–Stephen Haran


  1. Steve is amazing person. My 4TB WDsharespace complained about “volume does not exist” error. He walked me through the setup and once I had everything ready, He recovered my data in <15 minutes. He saved many years of my memories on home videos and Pictures. thank you Steve.

  2. Stephen, you did a great job!

    For all of you, who are in a similar scary situation (broken RAID, fear of data loss), I tell you my experiance:

    Last week one disk (out of 4x 4TB disks RAID5) of my QNAP TS431P died and the QNAP showed Status “Degraded”.
    So I bought an identical new WD-Red-Drive an put it in and the NAS showed the status “Rebuld”.
    But, after some minutes the QNAP dropped this new drive.
    Now I rebooted the QNAP in the hope, that it would recognize the new drive again and complete the rebuild process.

    I think, that was a big mistake. The NAS recognized the new drive and began to work, with the result, that it dropped the Raid5 and the QNAP now no longer showed, that there is a raid volume.

    Then I searched in Youtube for some advice. I found some hints, that I can rebuild the raid via putty an the console. But it didn’t work. I hoped these steps didn’t mess up even more.

    Now I was ill at ease because I didn’t want to loose all my data including the pictures of my kids and my family of the last 25 years.

    Now I was shure, that I have to consult a specialist, who can help me. After a long search, I found this webside. What I read seemed to good to be true.

    It’s perfect, that I don’t have to bring my disks in a shop. So I decided to give it try.

    I contacted Stephen via email and asked for help. He wrote an answer, with all steps, I have to do.
    1.) I connected my 4 drives to a opened computer with 4 SATA ports
    (first I disconnected the DVD and the build in HD)
    2.) Then I downloaded the needed software and put it on a USB-Stick
    (with RUFUS).
    3.) I booted this PC via USB
    4.) From now on, Stephen worked on my messed up RAID drives
    5.) After some hours, I got a message from Stephen, that he succeeded
    to reassemble my RAID5 volume in degraded mode
    6.) In the meantime, I put another borrowed NAS in my home network
    and gave Stephen the login / pw of this empty device.
    7.) Stephen started a copy job, and after about 36 hours, all my data
    ( about 7 TB) was on the new device.

    It was so easy and I’m more than happy, that I have my data back. Stephen you are a brilliant data recovery specialist with very fair conditions.

    Regards Gerd

    Thank You !


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